What Is An Outdoor Rug?

POV: It's summer, the sun is up, the birds are singing and you are planning on spending the entire day in your garden.

Making sure your outdoor space is practical for everyday life but also looks the part isn’t always easy (or cheap). The addition of an outdoor rug can amplify your patio, decking or outside space. The good news is, they are easy to clean and don't have to break the bank.

Let us bring you up to speed with everything you need to know about outdoor rugs because one thing we know for sure, outdoor rugs are here to stay!


Put simply, what makes an outdoor rug suitable for outdoors is they are made from flatweave materials. The durable synthetic materials can withstand all weathers and general wear & tear. Placed on your patio, decking, pergola or wherever it is you spend time outdoors, an outdoor rug can really transform your outdoor living space. 

3 Outdoor Rugs


A patio rug will add warmth and style to your outdoor living space. There are so many reasons to hop on the outdoor rug trend. Let us answer some FAQ's about outdoor rugs.

Can an outdoor rug be left out in the rain?

Yes. The synthetic materials mean your rug is unlikely to grow mould. Simple maintenance of your rug will keep it as good as new. 

Can an outdoor rug be used indoors? 

Also yes. When the days are on the turn and the colder weather has arrived, your outdoor rug can move inside with you. Perfect for under dining tables, in the kitchen or in playrooms!

Will an outdoor rug fade?

Nope. The polypropylene materials are UV resistant meaning your vibrant, colourful outdoor rug will shine all summer long.

Will an outdoor rug cost me an arm & an leg?

Absolutely not! Well, not if your shopping with Kukoon Rugs that is.


Now that you know WHY you need an outdoor rug, the million dollar question is where to buy an outdoor rug? You're in the right place as here at Kukoon Rugs we have hundreds of designs, styles and sizes for you to choose from!

Zen Kasabian Teal

Add a splash of colour with this stunning blue outdoor rug for your garden from our Zen range.

Blue outdoor rug

Paradise Tiki Cream

One of our brand new outdoor rug designs launched for 2022. The beautiful pastel colours and aztec design ooze luxury, without the pricetag.

pink cream aztec outdoor rug

Terrazza Sunny Yellow

Enjoy the sunshine with the addition of a yellow outdoor rug to your patio area. Who doesn't love a pop of colour?

yellow outdoor rug on patio area 

Habitat Darcy Grey  

This grey outdoor rug in a modern trellis design is both stunning and sophisticated. Available in large outdoor rug sizes!

grey outdoor rug with furniture

Paradise Tahiti Stone

Be bold and make a statement. Discover this spectacular round outdoor rug in a multicoloured design. 

round outdoor rug

We know what your thinking after reading that... why have I not had an outdoor rug before now?! Fear not, outdoor rugs at Kukoon Rugs offer something for everyone. Discover the wide collection of outdoor rugs online and enjoy free delivery and free returns.

Too much to choose from? Need some inspiration? Kukoon Rugs Instagram will help with that. Check it out!

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