Rug Size Guide

How to measure your space for a rug

When buying a new rug making sure you know how to measure your room for a rug is a good place to start. It is important to measure your space carefully to ensure your rug will be the correct fit for your room. We have a simple, easy to follow 2022 rug size guide which will take you through each step.


What you need to measure for a rug

  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure
  • Masking Tape
  • You & a Friend

Follow these steps to measure your room for a rug -

  • Begin by clearing your space. Move all furniture out of the way to leave you with a clear, open area to measure for a rug.
  • Using your measuring tape, measure your entire space.
  • Once you know how much space you have, head over to Kukoon Rugs, pick a rug online and decide which size best matches your measurements using the drop down box.
  • Using your masking tape, tape your space to the exact size of your chosen rug size (this is where a friend might come in useful).
  • Move your furniture back into place. Use the outline of the rug to determine where your furniture would sit.
  • Allow yourself a couple of days to determine if the rug size would fit well in your space with your furniture.
  • If you are deciding between 2 sizes, simply add additional masking tape to measure out the outline of the other size.

Happy? Head back over to Kukoon Rugs and order your rug online. As simple as that!

Simply following the above steps should give you the most accurate way of how to size a rug to a room. If you have any queries regarding measuring for a rug and would like to chat to our customer service team, you can easily get in contact with us here.