Spring Is On The Way - How To Decorate Your Home For Spring

As the weather starts to transition into the new season, it’s the perfect time to lighten up your home. A popular seasonal ritual is having a good old spring clean, getting rid of any dust or lingering bits and bobs. However, you can easily take this to the next level and give your home a full refresh by also updating your spring décor.

Switching up your spring house decor can be fun and doesn’t require you to get all new furniture. It can be as simple as updating your tableware or making some DIY spring decoration ideas come to life. Discover our favourite ways to decorate your home for spring below.

Our top 5 spring decorating ideas

1. Give your front door a makeover with a spring wreath

In the last few years spring door wreaths have become a must-do decoration. After having festive foliage decorating your front door over Christmas, it can look a bit sad and empty in the new year. This is why a spring flower wreath is a great replacement!

These floral decorations are a perfect update for the new season and you can even have a go at making one yourself. For something personal, choose your flowers based on what they symbolise. For example, daffodils represent new beginnings and rebirth – an ideal choice for spring!

2. Create the ultimate spring table centrepiece

Spring table décor is a simple yet super effective way to add seasonal charm to your home. This can be achieved by creating a stunning spring centrepiece with floral details and candles. You can take this further too by adding round rattan placemats and neutral-coloured napkins.

3. Switch out heavy fabrics for light layers

Take care of your accent pieces by embracing a lighter and more laid-back approach to styling. Change your cushion covers to textural fabrics in shades of beige, white, creams and brown. This will bring more of a warm and Mediterranean feel to your home.

4. Don’t be scared to add more texture to your home

In keeping with a light and airy Mediterranean feel, be sure to incorporate different textures into your home. From waffle cotton towels to linen bed sheets, play around with non-traditional fabrics.

5. Think organic and sustainable design

The start of the season is always a great time to experiment and what better way than picking eco-friendly design options? One of our favourite spring living room décor tricks is switching out your original rug for a jute-woven one. Whether it’s a rectangle or a circle, these sustainably sourced jute rugs are ideal for framing coffee tables and are a quick way to make smaller rooms visually grow.

Just remember that if in doubt, this is the perfect time to bring the outdoors inside. So, look for styles that represent the seasonal changes happening outside your door and incorporate them into your home.

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