How To Clean A Viscose Rug


Viscose is a semi-synthetic fibre and is commonly used in rugs. Viscose Rugs have silk-like properties and are highly versatile. The addition of a Viscose Rug can add a rich and elegant feel to your home.


Be Gentle

Be gentle when cleaning your viscose rug. Never scrub it too hard or use an electric rug cleaner on it. If there is a spillage, use paper towels or a clean white cloth to gently blot away the spilled stuff, and after that, a cloth dipped in the acetic or citric solution to carefully dab the spot until the stain is removed. Always move the cloth in the direction of the rug’s pile, rather than rubbing it backward and forward. After you are done, you can soften the viscose fibres with some fabric softener sprayed on the treated are

Dry it Fast

Make sure that the rug or the area cleaned dries as quickly as possible in order to avoid damage. Open the windows or place it outside out of the direct sunlight to dry faster.

Brush the Rug

Brush the cleaned carpet with a brush with soft bristles, so that the treated area doesn’t look different from the rest of the rug. You can use a brush to make the entire viscose rug look like nobody has walked on it by brushing all its fibres in the same direction.

Top Tip for cleaning a Viscose Rug -

  • Avoid using too much cleaning solution
  • Do not use a vacuum cleaner to hoover your viscose rug, or if you absolutely have to, use the gentlest vacuum setting.
  • Avoid using water when cleaning and instead apply only acid and citric-based solutions, because they are the ones which will remove any yellow stains caused from different spills or even flood damage.
  • Because the viscose fibers are very absorbent, always use the least amount of cleaning solution when treating a stain.
  • Whenever you want to get rid of any smudges or stains, always blot as buch of the moisture as possible and then gently rub the surface but only in the direction of the pile and never back and forth.
  • Using fabric softener is also recommended, in order to prevent further stiffness of the fibres.
  • Don't use heat when drying the rug! If you can't hang it somewhere to air dry, you may use a hair dryer but only when it's on the cold air setting.
  • You may use a brush with very soft bristles to fluff up the fibres, but you can also take a spray bottle with water and mist just a tiny little bit of the liquid and then hand groom in the direction of the pile.
  • Don't vacuum the viscose rug because it will contribute to the further wearing out of the fabric, but if desperately needed, the vacuum machine should be put on the lowest setting possible.

With a beautiful velvety pile, stunning shine and slik feel, a Viscose Rug will bring simple elegance to your living space. Shop Viscose Rugs here. 

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