Home Ideas Inspired by the Sea

With the upward trend on colours such as duck egg, baby blue, coastal sand etc it is clear to see more and more trends taking inspiration from the ocean and people adopting it in around their home.

These beautiful tiles have a real deep ocean colour to theme and the textured nature to them makes the wall feel like it is moving aided by the reflection of the light.

This sofa has a lovely subtle sandy colour and is matched in perfectly with washed worn wooden wall effect and the driftwood legged table, also perfectly complemented by the sea shell lamp.

This living room exudes softness but still adopting the fresh colours of the ocean with the pops of blue, a way to add some neutral warmth to your room is add in a plain neutral rug.

The worn wooden look especially the driftwood style has become really popular, it is also a great thing for the environment as you are reusing discarded wood. Again these types of tables go really well with neutral colours and soft blues. finished off by a cream shaggy rug.

This amazing piece of art really incorporates the ocean them into the home. Its beautiful rich blue tone with the amazing large whale design, it really would grab your attention when you come into a home.
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