Dark and Moody Bedrooms


Perfect for creating a dramatic yet restful bedroom, these dark inky hues have become a huge trend over the recent years. These bold colours have been a real change from the long standing trend towards bright clean scandis with designers dipping their toes with feature walls for a period of time before taking the brave steps of all dark walls … and ceilings in some super dramatic styles! 


Some trend experts are suggesting that the move towards darker interiors has been inspired by uncertain political and economic climes making people want to nest into cosy, welcoming homes. This makes sense to us here at Kukoon as our design team are big lovers of moody interiors and rainy days snuggled up under a blanket with a good book and a hot cuppa. 


The deep sophistication of these shadowy walls is softened by the addition of some subtle colours through the textiles as seen here with the luxurious Tobacco coloured throw and the deep blues and terracottas of the Renuu Perla Rug. This combined with the rich tones of the more antique woods like walnut, mango and teak as well as antique brass and gold tones really bring a room to life. Don’t forget to mix in some textural interest such as leather, marble, velvet and plush fabrics to bring even more drama to the room.



If you are tempted to turn to the dark side then stay away from Monochrome in favour of deeper shades of blue, green, purples and browns. A word of warning when decorating with darker shades - if you don’t put careful attention on contrasting features, pops of colour and especially lighting then the room could become overbearing and even depressing. 


It’s important to embrace the moody scheme with full commitment, this style lends itself particularly well to North facing rooms where light is limited. You are aiming for full impact, using darker colours to decorate will add interest making even the smallest of rooms seductive. Jewel tones and striking artwork also stand out beautifully against darker walls.


If you take the plunge and decide to go over to the dark side then we’d love to see the results. Tag us at #KukoonHomes 



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