Can Outdoor Rugs Get Wet?

The most common question we get asked is can an outdoor rug be left out in the rain? The short answer is Yes, Outdoor Rugs can get rained on!

What are the best Outdoor Rugs?

Outdoor rugs made from Polypropylene are the best type of rug to choose for outdoors. When it comes to making sure your rug will survive all weather conditions you need to make sure your rug is mould-resistant, stain-resistant, mildrew-resistant and easy to clean. The good news is at Kukoon Rugs all ourOutdoor Rugs tick these boxes. 


What happens to an Outdoor Rug when it rains?

Outdoor Rugs made from Synthetic materials need very little maintenance and can be left outside in the rain. The specialist materials mean they dry quickly and are mould & mildrew resistant. A simple, hassle-free addition to your garden!

Can Outdoor Rugs get Mouldy?

Outdoor Rugs are extremely durable to survive wet weather conditions. The mould & mildrew resistant materials mean your Outdoor Rug will not go mouldy when it gets wet. However, in colder months during snowy and icy conditions, we recommend storing your rug away. This will help prolong both durability and appearance while preventing your rug from going mouldy. 

How to use Outdoor Rugs

Asides from the obvious patio, decking or grass areas, an Outdoor Rug has no boundries and can be put to use in a number of different ways.

Unsure what to put on the floor under your hot tub? An Outdoor Rug is the perfect finishing touch.

Need something for the kids to stand on when they get out of the paddling pool? Lay down an Outdoor Rug to protect those little toes from stoney areas.

Tired of trips to the beach where the wind gets the better of your blanket? Bring your rug along to sit on. Guaranteed beach hack and perfect solution to being able to relax in the sands. 

The water resistant materials provide endless opportunities and uses for your rug - get creative with it! 


How do you store an Outdoor Rug?

Our top tip for storing an Outdoor Rug is to make sure you roll it up, as opposed to folding it. This way your rug will hold it's shape.

Outdoor Rugs are best stored in a dry, indoor space such as a garage or a shed. But not to worry, if you are stuck for space you can simply roll up your Outdoor Rug, wrap it in plastic and place it under your decking ready for next Summer!

For further details on how to clean an Outdoor Rug, check out our expert guide which will answer all your questions! Or, if you are now ready to explore Outdoor Rugs, click here to shop!

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