Non-Slip Rug Underlay

Discover our range of non slip rug underlays today to keep your rug in place. Ever wondered the best way to stop your rug from slipping and sliding? With our Non Slip Rug Grippers and Carpet Underlays, you won’t have to worry about your rug moving again.

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Page 1 of 1:    11 Items

Do I need a Non Slip Carpet Underlay?

Absolutely. Not only is it for your own health and safety as a slipping rug can be dangerous, if your rug is moving every time it is walked on, eventually the backing will begin to get damaged which can affect how your rug sits. 

Shopping for Anti Slip Rug Underlay is really simple. Choose the size closest to the size of rug you have. You can always cut the underlay if it is too big using a pair of household scissors. 

To fit your rug pad, place it on the floor where you want your rug to be, then roll your rug on top of the anti slip to secure it in place. Follow our Rug Underlay Advice guide here.

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