How to Clean an Outdoor Rug

How to Clean an Outdoor Rug

We have a couple of suggestions on how to keep an outdoor rug clean.

  • Shake Shake Shake. To get rid of dirt, crumbs or soil we suggest lifting your rug and shaking it. We know a large outdoor rug won’t be easy to lift and therefore we recommend hanging it over a fence or clothesline and then brushing off the debris that way. 

  • Vacuum. Another way to keep your indoor outdoor rug clean is by using your vacuum cleaner. We recommend vacuuming on both sides for the best results.

  • Brush. For a quicker solution, using a brush to sweep any crumbs or dirt away can work a treat. 

To help keep your outdoor rug looking as good as new, we suggest cleaning both sides every few weeks to help keep your rug looking as good as new all summer long. 

How to Wash an Outdoor Rug

Simply use a garden hose to get rid of any dirt, mud or spillages. Good news is you won't need any soap!

  • First off, remove any debris from your rug by vacuuming or brushing it with a soft brush. 

  • Next, use a hose to simply wash down your outdoor rug.

  • Once cleaned, roll your rug up tight and stand it upright for a few minutes to get rid of any excess water.

  • Finally, we recommend laying your rug flat in the sunshine to allow it to dry fully.

How to Dry an Outdoor Rug

  • Lay your rug down flat in the sunshine.

  • Once the top is dry, we suggest flipping it over to dry out the bottom.

  • You will know your rug is fully dry once you can no longer feel any moisture when your push your fingers into the pile.

How to Store an Outdoor Rug

Once summer is over and the colder weather is moving in, your outdoor can can be stored indoors in a cool, dry place ready to be used again next year. 

Or, why put your rug away when you can use it indoors? An outdoor rug is perfect for use in kitchens, under dining tables, in kids playrooms or any other high traffic area such as hallways. Afterall, it would be such a shame to put away your rug for half of the year. Instead, rehome it indoors to show it off all year round.

Following the simple steps and techniques mentioned above will ensure your know the best way to clean an indoor outdoor rug. 

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