Natural Jute Rugs - All You Need To Know

What are Jute Rugs?

We hear you, what is a Jute Rug? Made from natural woven fibres, a Jute Rug can add a neutral colour to your home. 

Chunky Jute Rugs are very much a home trend for 2024 - showing absolutely no signs of slowing down! A Jute Rug will inject natural beauty into your home. 

A Jute Rug is perfect for adding an organic and timeless feel to any room. A Jute Rug has a rustic and distressed look to it. No two Jute rugs are the same. The rustic, hand woven pile looks authentic and ticks the box to achieve a rustic, homely look.

While they look incredible, cleaning and caring for a Jute Rug is different from a regular rug. Follow our guide on how to clean a jute rug below. 

What are Jute Rugs made from?

You’re possibly wondering what a Jute Rug is made from? Jute Rugs are made from natural fibres of a Jute plant which are found in Asia. They have been spun to create strong, long lasting threads to make a durable but beautiful rug for your home.


Before buying a Jute Rug, it is good to know how to clean a Jute Rug. Can you wash Jute Rugs? Or what happens when a Jute Rug gets wet? are two very common questions we get asked. Don’t worry, knowing how to clean a Jute Rug is simple and very easy. Follow our top tips to know how to care for Jute Rugs. 

Can you vacuum a Jute Rug?

If you are wondering can Jute Rugs be vacuumed, the answer is yes. We recommend vacuuming your Jute Rug regularly to prevent dirt from building up. Vacuum in several directions to remove as much dust, dirt and debris as possible to prolong the rugs beauty. Use a suction-type vacuum as this will not damage the chunky jute pile.

How to remove a stain from a Jute Rug?

First things first, try to remove the stain as quickly as possible. Time is of the essence and the quicker you react to a spillage, the more chance of totally removing the stain. 

Grab a paper towel to soak up any excess liquid as quickly as possible. Top Tip: don’t rub too hard as you can end up damaging the fibres of the rug or pushing the spill further into the rug. Instead use a blotting technique.


  • Each piece is unique and to keep each rug sustainable, Jute Rugs are undyed. Due to the environmentally friendly nature, colour will slightly vary from piece to piece and there may be slight deviations in shape.

  • We recommend simply rotating your rug every couple of months to prevent uneven fading of your rug. 

  • If a thread or loop comes loose from the weave, it can either be carefully tucked back in and fixed with super glue if needed, or carefully snipped away with a sharp pair of scissors. 

  • Natural Jute Rugs will feel slippy on floors. A simple and low cost solution to this is placing an anti slip mat under your rug to keep it in place. 
    Buy your anti-slip underlay from Kukoon Rugs here.


Jute rugs look great but what do Jute Rugs feel like? Jute Rugs can feel textured underfoot, not super soft like a shaggy rug. Due to the thick, bold weave, Jute Rugs are comfortable and can feel cushion like underfoot.


Placed in high traffic areas such as Hallways and Kitchens, Jute is hard wearing making it the perfect addition to busy areas of the home.

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