About Us

Kukoon Rugs is the ultimate family rug-rific adventure! Meet the dynamic duo behind it all: Paul Vallely and Clare Walsh, the sibling sensation who turned their father's rug market dreams into a thriving online wonderland.

Picture this: Dad's got stacks of unsold rugs collecting dust. What do Paul and Clare do? They work their magic and pop those beauties on eBay. And guess what? Those rugs flew off the virtual shelves faster than a racecar at full throttle! 

But hold onto your hats because Dad soon realized his rug stash was dwindling thanks to these rugpreneurs! So what did they do? They took a leap of faith and ordered a whole container of rugs. That's right, they went big or went home!

Then, out of the blue, Amazon came knocking, asking them to join the Amazon seller market. And what did Paul and Clare do? They said, "Heck yeah!" Their success on Amazon was like catching lightning in a bottle.

But here's where it gets even more exciting: They decided to spread their rug love far and wide by creating their very own snazzy independent website.

Now, let's talk about the cherry on top: Customer happiness reigns supreme at Kukoon Rugs. Our trusty Trustpilot reviews and glowing product feedback speak volumes about our commitment to making you smile. We're all about bringing you trendy rugs at prices that won't make you break a sweat. And you know what? We're having a blast while doing it!

So, dear rug enthusiasts, join us in this rug-tastic journey and let's rug the world together, one comfy step at a time!

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