How to Measure Stair Carpet

When shopping for new stair carpet online, the first thing you are going to need to figure out is how to measure your stairs. Making sure you have the correct measurements is key to ensuring your stair carpet runner is the right size and fit for your stairway. 

Measuring carpet for stairs and landing is tricky compared with measuring a standard room, which is why we have put together this 2022 guide on how to measure for a stair carpet.

What do I need to measure my stairs?

  1. Tape Measure

  2. Pen/Pencil

  3. Piece of Paper

  4. Calculator

  5. An assistant (not a must, but a helping hand can make things a little easier)

Follow these simple steps for how to measure your stairs:

  1. Using your measuring tape, measure the stair tread depth front to back (the tread is the step part of the stair that you put your foot on). Make a note of this measurement.

  2. Measure the height of the step riser (the height between the step below and the step above). Make a note of this measurement too.

  3. Add these two measurements together.

  4. If your stairs are all the same depth and height, just multiply the total measurement by the total number of steps!

  5. If your stairs are different depths and heights, you will need to repeat points 1 and 2 for each step.

  6. Once you have double checked all your measurements, you are now ready to shop stair carpet runners.


How to measure a winding or corner staircase

If you have a winding or corner staircase, you will need to make a note of a few more measurements. There are usually three winding steps to consider when measuring for stair carpet. 

Take these further steps:

  1. Measure the length (rise & thread) along with the width at the widest part of the stair.

  2. Repeat this for each individual winding stair - it is important you measure each one individually as they will all be slightly different.

  3. Add these measurements in your original calculations.


How to measure a bullnose step

A bullnose step is a larger curved bottom step of a staircase. Not all staircases will have a bullnose step, but it you need to measure one, follow these steps:

  1. Measure the length (rise and thread) as you did with the other straight steps.

  2. To measure the curve, wrap the tape measure around the whole curve of the step.

  3. Add these measurements in your original calculations.


Kukoon Rugs' Top Tips for how to measure stair carpet:

  1. If you are going to lay a stair carpet runner on one section of your stairs only, make sure you check your calculations only cover that section of your stairs.

  2. Always round your measurements up slightly by 4 or 5cm - this way it will ensure you have a little extra if needed. You can always trim the end slightly, better to have too much than too little! 

  3. Revise all your measurements before ordering your stair carpet from Kukoon Rugs website.

  4. Double check whether you measured in cm or feet before placing your order.


Once you have your stairs fully measured and checked, you’re ready to go! You can move onto the fun part where you start to shop stair carpet online and find a design you love.