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We all love the versatility of a rug, but sometimes the size can make your space feel smaller than it really is. A round rug is a great way to bring some extra color and dimension, without overbearing the room. Plus, if you have an eclectic style, a circle rug just goes with everything! We have a variety in both patterns and materials so you're sure to find what works for you

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Natural Woven Round Circle Rug - Natura
£59.95   £34.95
Silver Shaggy Round Circle Rug for Living Room - Murano
£36.95   £34.95
Natural Boho Mandala Woven Round Rug - Natura
£69.95   £38.95
Round Adventure Camping Kids Mat - Scribbler
£38.95   £30.95
Natural Woven Mandala Round Circle Rug - Natura
£59.95   £38.95
Plum Shaggy Circle Rug - Vancouver
Round Circle Trellis Grey Rug - Milan
From:  £41.95
Round Grey Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug - Isla
£24.95   £21.95
Natural Boho Mandala Woven Round Nursery Rug - Natura
£69.95   £38.95
Natural Woven Mandala Round Circle Nursery Rug - Natura
£59.95   £38.95
Round Circle Patchwork Terracotta Rug - Milan
From:  £39.95

Page 1 of 1:    40 Items

Circle rugs are a great alternative to the standard rug shape, and they come in all sorts of styles, textures, and designs. Whether you're looking for something bold and statement-making or something more subtle that will blend into your space, we have the circle rug you need.

Looking for a circle rug for your kitchen, dining room or bedroom? We've got you covered! There's something for every space - even outdoors! Browse our selection at Kukoon Rugs today!

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