How to Position a Rug in your Room

Before you order your rug, we know what you're thinking... what size rug do I need? How can I make sure my rug isn't too big or too small for my space?

When it comes to knowing what rug size, one size certainly does not fit all. The rug you have in your living room could be much bigger than your bedroom rug or hallway rug. Making sure you know how to find the right size rug for a room is very important to the look and feel you are creating.

You're in luck, you have found our full guide on how you can position a rug in each room with some style inspiration to help you along the way. 


Knowing what size rug for living room can be a little tricky as we often have lots of furniture to plan around. 

For smaller living spaces, we recommend shopping 120cm x 170cm rugs for small living rooms which are perfect to be placed in the center of a room. Mainly this size rug is used for a fireplace rug as a central feature and can be too small for a coffee table. This size rug can work well in a much smaller space, if you have the space we certainly recommend sizing up where possible.

For a standard size Living Room, we suggest a 160cm x 230cm rug. These are a great rug size for placing the feet of your furniture on, including any coffee tables or foot stools.

If you have a larger space then you will be looking a big rug for living room. Check out our 200cm x 290cm larger sized rug. A large living room rug can be used to frame your space by placing all, or most, of your furniture on the rug. If you have opted for a patterned living room rug, the pattern will always look best on a large size rug.


A bedroom without a rug can feel cold and unwelcoming. The addition of a bedroom rug can make getting up in the morning that little easier as a rug can soften cold, hard floors. The size of bedroom rug you go for and knowing how to position an area rug in a bedroom depends on the size of your space and bed.

Let's answer the most common question on how to position a rug under your bed. In the examples shown, the rug is larger than the width of the bed and therefore works best with the feet of the bed placed on the rug. For a large bedroom rug, we suggest shopping our 190cm x 280cm rugs and follow the rug placement in bedroom diagrams below.

The recommended rug size for under a King bed is a 190cm x 280cm. We would usually suggest three quarters of the rug to be underneath the bed with one third appearing out from under the bottom of the bed like shown in the images below.

WHAT Size rug for dining table

When choosing what size rug in your dining room it is all about making sure your dining table and chairs suit the size of the rug. The key to placing a dining room rug is making sure all legs of the table and chairs fit on the rug. Hence why we recommended our large rugs and extra large rugs for under dining room table. To measure for your dining room rug, we recommend pulling all the chairs out around your tables, then measuring your space for your rug. This way you will be able to tell how big your dining room rug should be. See some rug ideas for dining rooms below.


  • If in doubt, size up! A larger rug in any space can add wow-factor. Often when a rug is too small for an area it will close a space in. Avoid this by sizing up. 
  • Buying one of our Cotton Rugs? Due to the eco friendly nature of the material there may be a very slight variation on listed sizes of 5%.
  • Measure Twice - If you have measured your space, measure again to double check your measurements are correct before ordering.
  • Consider Rug Layering if you have the space. Choosing a large rug, such as a Jute Rug, then placing a slightly smaller rug on top can create the illusion of a bigger space and also is bang on trend.

Now that you know the ins and outs of what to do and of course what not to do when choosing the correct size rug, it's time to shop rugs online at Kukoon Rugs.

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