What is the Point of an Outdoor Rug?

We hear you. What is the point of an Outdoor Rug and why do you need one? Let us set the record straight. Have a read of our Top 5 Reasons for needing an Outdoor Rug. But trust us, the list is endless.

1. Update & Freshen Up Your Outdoor Living Space

An Outdoor Rug is great to make a big impact on a small budget. Placing an outdoor rug under your patio furniture, beside your BBQ area or on your decking can really pull together an area. Completing your look has never been easier. A Garden Rug can work wonders on a dull, boring area.

2. Staying Cosy, Outdoors

In the Summer, we spend a lot of our time outside in the garden. So making sure this is a space you can enjoy is really important. The addition of an Outdoor Rug can add warmth and comfort to your area. Whether your space is on stones, bricks, wood or concrete, a flatweave Garden Rug can give the whole family a place to relax. Including waggy tailed friends.

3. Protect your Surfaces

Yes Outdoor Rugs look fantastic, but practically Garden Rugs are an excellent way to protect your surfaces. Kids, dogs and general day to day life can cause your outside space a lot of wear and tear. At the drop of a rug, you can enjoy busy days knowing your surfaces are safe underneath.

4. An Investment, without the Price Tag

Shopping Outdoor Rugs Online at Kukoon Rugs does not have to break the bank. In fact, we have rugs for outdoors starting from just £15/€17. Large Outdoor Rugs, Round Outdoor Rugs, Grey Outdoor Rugs or Yellow Outdoor Rugs are just some of what Kukoon Rugs have to offer!

5. A Rug with no Boundaries

But what do I do with my rug when the days are on the turn and Winter is here? Good news, our Outdoor Rugs are also suitable for use indoors. The washable and hard wearing nature means your rug is fit for use in kitchens, hallways, bedrooms or kids playrooms. 


Or, why not pack your rug up and take it to the beach with you? Lightweight, foldable and flexible make summer rugs perfect for a day at the beach! There are so many uses for an outdoor rug, we could go on all day.

Okay, so where can I buy an Outdoor Rug?

Look no further, you are in the right place. Discover Kukoon Rugs large selection of Outdoor Rugs. We have something to suit every style and taste! Shop Outdoor Rugs Online here.

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