What is an Outdoor Rug

Welcome to the wild world of outdoor rugs, where your garden gets a makeover fit for a star without having to break the bank or sacrifice practicality for style. 

Picture this: the sun's shining, the birds are serenading, and you've got your day all planned out in your garden oasis. But wait, something's missing... Ah, yes! An outdoor rug! 

First things first, what in the world is an outdoor rug? It's not just any rug.

Outdoor rugs are like the superheroes of the rug world, made from flatweave materials that can brave the elements like champs. Rain or shine, these bad boys can handle it all, whether you plop them on your patio, deck, or even under a pergola. 

Can an outdoor rug survive a rain dance and get wet? Absolutely. Their synthetic materials make them highly resistant to moisture, preventing the growth of mold and ensuring their durability even in wet conditions. Their unique feature is that they dry quickly and water forms beads on the surface rather than seeping through.

And what about fading? Will your vibrant rug turn into a sad, washed-out version of its former self? Not on our watch! These rugs are like the ultimate sunblock for your floor, with UV-resistant materials that keep them looking fresh and fabulous all summer long.

When temperatures drop, you can easily bring your outdoor rug indoors to add warmth and style to your living spaces. Whether you place it under your dining table for a cozy touch or use it to liven up your playroom, it's a versatile way to bring a touch of summer indoors during colder months.

Now, here's the million-dollar question: do outdoor rugs cost an arm and a leg? Ha! Not on your life, especially when you're shopping with Kukoon Rugs. We've got your back (and your feet) covered with an array of affordable options that'll make your wallet do a happy dance.

Need a little inspiration to kickstart your outdoor rug journey? Head over to our Instagram #TheGreatOutdoors to see how our customers are styling the outdoor oasis.

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