Top Home Decor Trends for 2022 as seen at Spring Fair

Do you want to keep up with the latest trends for your home in 2022? Are you dying to know what the next ‘must haves’ are?

Well here at Kukoon Rugs, we have you covered! A recent trip to the Spring Fair Trade Show in Birmingham has us dancing with excitement over what the next year has in store for our homes. Brace yourselves…


Bring the soothing songs of nature into your home through the use of sage greens, soft corals and hints of lilac. Pastel shades are predicted to be a strong front runner for the home in 2022, we are seeing this everywhere! With the pandemic edging ever further behind us, the concept behind this trend is the need to heal after the stress and unpredictability of the past 2 years. These colours are therapeutic and add an element of calm to your home.

How can I bring these peaceful pastel tones into my home?

Rugs. Of course we’re going to mention rugs! Rugs ground a room and can help tie everything together. Stick to a neutral base colour and bring the pastels in as highlight colours. Shop our Ludlow, Poppy, Topaz, Hatton, Jupiter, Osbourne, Abella and Catalina ranges for bringing this trend into your home. Alternatively, embrace a softly coloured rug like our Isla and Vancouver ranges.  

Subtle highlights. You don’t have to completely change your room in order to be on-trend, instead, try bringing in the pastel shades through accessories. Use pillows, throws, art work and plant pots to subtly disperse these soothing tones in your room.

Complete Revamp. Or, if you so wish, go big or go home! Paint your walls lilac, treat yourself to that new sofa you’ve been eyeing up on Pinterest and go ahead and start your exotic plant collection. You’ll be too at peace in your soothing pastel living room to even care that, once again, the ironing needs done, your other half still hasn’t put the dishes away and the dog’s having a party with the toilet roll you just bought.



We’ve already seen a move towards this trend in 2021 and it is predicted to continue with a vengeance over 2022/23. Rustic and natural textures are everywhere. From Jute rugs, to cotton rugs to bamboo lamps and plant pots. Bring the beauty of nature into your home with these eco friendly/sustainable products.

How can I add texture into my home?

Want to bring texture into your home? Try jute or cotton rugs for that authentic look and pair with house plants and touches of soft green. Shop our Jute and Natura ranges and keep your eyes peeled for our brand new cotton range, Kyoto, making its grand entrance very soon!



Maybe the soothing pastel trend just isn’t for you. You get it, the pandemic was hard. But you don’t want to heal, you want to go wild! You’re ready to colourfully express yourself and let loose after 2 years of confinement. From moody black and gold interiors, to bold pops of colour, this emerging trend could be for you. We are seeing lots of dark wall paint, dark art deco styled wallpaper and black rugs with highlights of gold brought in through lamps, mirrors and vases. Are you brave enough to handle it?

How can I add black & gold into my home?

Pair dark and moody wall paint or wallpaper with a dark or black rug, dark cushions and dramatic wall art. Bring pops of colour in through lighting, mirrors and vases of flowers. Shop our Milan, Souk and Panorama ranges for more inspiration.



What on earth is a zero pile rug? We saw an abundance of this at Spring fair so you’re gonna want to listen up! A zero pile rug is simply a rug that is flat. Picture the exact opposite of a shaggy rug and you’re along the right lines. Zero pile rugs can quite often look like wall tapestries or heavy blankets; they are soft, flexible and bang on trend for 2022/23.

Okay, but how will this work in a rug?

These may not look like the style of rug you’re used to but trust us, they will look right at home on your floor. Try larger sizes for your living room or under your dining room table and runner sizes for your kitchen or hall. Keep on the edges of your seats for our new Kyoto range which hits this trend right on the nose.


So there we have it, the top trends from Spring Fair 2022. Which is your favourite?

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