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Vogue termed it ‘Latte Dressing’ in 2023 and the fashion oracles have tipped ‘latte decorating’ as a top interior trend in 2024! And we are totally here for it….

Gone are the cold drab greys of the covid era and we’re making way for the much warmer neutrals - think sepia and caramels . 

Neutral interiors bring an effortless look to any interior, it’s a timeless colour palette that suits any architectural style and is the perfect backdrop for those seeking to create a calming vibe in their home.

For some a neutral interior is the epitome of boring blandness but done correctly neutral interiors can strike the perfect balance between effortlessly stylish and beautifully tranquil. This means striking the perfect balance of texture, tones and a little individuality!

Let’s start with tone. A successfully beautiful neutral room will have a depth of tone, we’re not going for matchy-matchy but rather harmonious tones of the same shade.

To pull off a homely neutral interior try to introduce deep rich tones, middle shades and lighter tones through the wall coverings, textiles and furniture.

To pull off a homely neutral interior try to introduce deep rich tones, middle shades and lighter tones through the wall coverings, textiles and furniture.

Elle Decor has declared brown to be the hottest hue for 2024 - don’t be afraid to introduce the rich, velvety chocolate tone into your neutral scheme as the highlight colour. It will add depth and warmth without distracting.

Likewise don’t be afraid of white! Crisp white will really add to the subtle variations of tone in your space and help bring a sense of light to what could run the risk of being described as the dreaded Magnolia!! 

When it comes to texture there is so much to play with now from Boucle furniture, chunky knit throws, looped pile rugs, panelled walls, rattan furniture, woven baskets, faux fur cushions.

The clever use of tactile finishes encourages people into the space to get up close and personal with the furnishings! It’s what makes the space sumptuously inviting.

Again the aim here is for balance, if you have opted for very similar tones throughout the space then go mad with textures if you have been a little more playful with the variations in your tones then stick to maybe 3 textures max as you run the risk of overpowering the senses. 


Don’t forget about shape. The soft lines of the hugely trending curved furniture and art deco inspired patterns will also help add visual interest to a tone on tone room.

Light is also hugely important, think glass doors and unobstructed windows to allow natural light to flood the space creating shadows and shards of light which will bring some animation and movement to the space.

Natural neutrals can be divided into two broad categories - warm neutrals and cool neutrals. In North facing rooms with limited light opt for warmer tones to bring warmth and in the sun filled south facing orientations go for cooler tones as this will help balance out the intense sunlight.

For the touches of individuality mentioned earlier, think of a few touches of black or brass or even a cheeky hint of terracotta or for the brave a rich red accent.

If kept to a minimum, this can provide a much needed contrast and a moment of playful release in what otherwise would be a too perfect space. Plants are a great way of adding some personality to a neutral space without introducing strong colours.

Keep in mind an overly striking piece of artwork or ornament will take all the focus due to the minimalist backdrop - tread very carefully with your use of colour, we suggest using colours only in blocks and sticking to a max of 2 complementary colours in any accents. 


It’s all about layering … layering tones  of neutrals together, layering textures on plains and layering in some unique pieces that bring subtle personality to the space. Neutral spaces are more accommodating to mess than highly patterned or coloured homes as the subtlety of the backdrop allows for misplaced throws and cushions which can actually add some interest and the lived in feeling. 

When it comes to the right rugs to add to your neutral space, follow the principles outlined above. If you are playing with tones then don’t be afraid to go for some rich hues in your rug like contrasting neutrals in a simple pattern or shades of chocolate brown, if you have no kids or pets or maybe even visitors you could even brave a crisp white rug!

If you’ve opted for the tone on tone vibe with very similar tones then go wild with texture - our sumptuous Amore shaggy in lace will add deep texture and cosiness while our Bouclair and Flynn collections offer super soft loop piles which are self patterned and easy living.

In our Ashbee, Zola and Sofia collections we have some wonderful playful art deco designs which are achieved through carved patterns giving texture and design without introducing a second colour.

For those who are keen to introduce some patterns look no further than Ikaro, Kesia and Ishbel for some contemporary neutrals.

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