Renuu Care Guide

You’ve just received your beautiful Renuu Rug and have fallen in love. To make sure you are giving your Renuu Rug the proper love and care it needs to be a part of the family, have a read of our Renuu care guide. 

Renuu is the heart and soul you didn’t know your home was missing.

These washable, environmentally sustainable rugs made from recycled cotton balance the need for soulful design with practical solution. 

Renuu is perfect for living rooms, snugs, bedrooms, muddy dogs, sticky blackcurrant cordial and washing machines!


Our renuu rugs are made from 80% recycled cotton and 20% polyester.  

This is the first step in our sustainability journey and in the future we aim to have renuu made from 100% recycled cotton.

Renuu has some really unique features that include: 

  • Renuu is made from recycled cotton, making it environmentally sustainable
  • Your Renuu Rug is machine washable 
  • Easy Clean and liquid repellent (your Renuu Rug has nano technology to make spillages hassle free)
  • Anti-slip backing to ensure your Renuu Rug stays right where you want it 


Our rugs are liquid repellent and easy clean using nano technology!

Okay, what is nano technology? Nano technology is a liquid chemical that is applied to the rug fabric then dried with 200 degrees heat. It is applied after the weaving process but before printing so the design is not affected.

We understand, accidents happen. So, when a spill occurs, the liquid sits on the surface of the rug without being absorbed into the fabric. Quickly grab a damp cloth and wipe away the excess spillage.

We recommend a colourless cloth for wiping spills. One piece of advice, the quicker you react to the spill the better. 


Our renuu rugs combine beautiful aesthetic with practical solutions. Our renuu rugs are washable! When your rug needs a re-fresh, throw it in your washing machine on a 30 degree wash cycle to give it that glow up. 30 degrees is the maximum temperature we recommend, normal everyday detergent is fine to use (we don’t recommend harsh chemicals like bleach or fabric softener). 

Do not tumble dry - it is important to let your rug dry naturally so as to avoid shrinkage. Do not dry in direct sunlight to avoid fading. Do not iron as it can destroy the anti-slip backing and also cause shrinkage.

*Please note, the rug can be washed 6-7 times without affecting the nano technology. After this, we cannot guarantee the adequate functioning of the nano technology.*


All renuu rugs will come loosely wrapped in a single layer of 100% recycled plastic to keep it safe on its journey to its new home. When you open the renuu box, there will be a layer of plastic which is 100% recycled and can be recycled after use. 

Renuu really is a collection like no other. Every design tells a different story and the added features are a bonus to the beautiful collection. Now you know how to give your Renuu Rug the best care, discover the Renuu designs. Which heirloom will you invite into your home? Shop Renuu Here. 

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