How to style a Jute Rug

Bedroom Styling

Jute Rugs are a perfect addition to your Bedroom. The texture and neutral colour help create a cosy space. To recreate the cosy look in your bedroom, we suggest placing 3/4 of the rug under the bed.

Living Room Styling

Jute fibres are durable so these rugs are suitable in Moderate to High traffic areas. Perfect for your Living Room Rug! They can be styled in Minimalist, Scandinavian, Farmhouse or Maximalist homes, to mention a few!

Styling Circular Jutes

In our Jute Range, we have our Braided and Mandala Rugs which come in different patterns and range from 120cm - 160cm in Diameter. Circle Jute rugs are the perfect size to use in Reading Nooks, Playrooms and Hallways.

Hallway & Stair Styling

Our Jute Rugs are available in Hallway runners. If you love DIY, you can recreate this look and use our Jute runner as a Stair Carpet!

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