Frances McBain's Kukoon Collaboration

Kukoon predicts 2024 will be the year of colour, gone are the days of practical or multifunctional spaces and the fun is back in interiors. Hooray! 

Our homeowners are increasingly seeking ways to infuse their personalities into their homes and this perfectly opens the doors to unveil our first artist collaboration of 2024.

Frances McBain's artistic vision goes beyond the visual — she listens to the world around her, channeling its essence into her work. Introducing her exclusive collaboration with Kukoon, 'Soundscapes’.

Her exclusive ‘Soundscapes’ collection for Kukoon, is a fusion of colours, shapes and sounds from the natural environment, enriched through freehand drawing and layering

Each design in the 'Soundscapes' collection is an elemental reflection of human experience, capturing the unseen qualities of noise — from the crashing waves to the whispering winds.  

 And if you’re wondering how Frances draws the unseen qualities of noise – the crash of waves and whisper of the wind – she calls it ‘soundscape’ – an interpretive technique that captures vibrations and sound waves, forming them into patterns and colours used in the abstracted print. 

'Soundscapes' features six exclusive designs, available in three sizes, launching on Feb 1st exclusively at Dive into a world where art and nature harmonise, where every rug tells a story of the world's symphony waiting to be heard. #KukoonYourHome

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