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This style is all about character and commitment. A variant of the Industrial trend - loft style living has been around for a long time, so long it can scarcely be called a trend anymore!

This home interiors trend takes its roots from the repurposing of old industrial factories and warehouses which have been converted to offices and apartments in many urban areas. Rather than plastering and installing ceilings, designers have been opting for years now to leave old brickwork and industrial piping exposed and to build them into the interior as part of the decor. So popular has this look been that many people are now seeking to recreate this look in their own homes and it’s not surprising given the warmth, comfort and character given in what is still a visually striking design.

Our home in this weeks ‘Shop the Look’ recreates the loft style look perfectly allowing light to pour in and keeping the walls a stark white which creates a beautiful backdrop for the striking feature brick wall, real wood mantle, dining table and exposed floor beams. This is all brought together stunningly with more modern features such as the neon sign, white tub dining chairs and tripod light. This speaks to the essence of this interior trend which is the combination of the old world and the new. The mixing of these many different elements could create a hard or cold appearance but everything is softened by the abundant use of greenery at different levels, the oversized shaggy floor rug and sheepskin stool rug - all of which add texture and softness to create that homely feeling. Don’t be afraid to use neon signs in the home, many people fear they are too commercial looking but they are both stylish and welcoming and the light becomes an essential part of the charm of the room.

The Loft Style works particularly well in larger, open plan rooms which is why this is a particularly popular trend today as so many people take down walls to create large open spaces. The Modern Industrial Style calls for people to be adventurous and play with colour and texture in combination with striking industrial features. The use of metal has long been popular with this trend with chains being used as light pendants and metal table and chair legs being a very popular feature but don’t be afraid to go bold and paint them red, orange or another startling colour that brings life to what could quickly become an oppressing interior.

Industrial lighting and vintage bulbs are now widely available to help integrate some practical style into the room but make sure to use warm white bulbs (or even better - neon!) to add some depth and warmth to the space. Concrete floors have also found there way into our homes and when finished correctly they are sublime - both stunning and practical. Don’t be afraid to use lighting to highlight architectural features and always find a way to integrate them into your scheme.

The truly wonderful thing about this trend is that it works perfectly with old finds, upstyling and vintage shops .. of which there are plenty today. For those who like to hunt out finds and create their own beautiful pieces - the loft living style gives you the perfect backdrop. It is playful, joyous and easy to live with.

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