Can Outdoor Rugs be used Indoors? Yes!

Outdoor Rugs are great. But, what do you do with them when Summer has been and gone? Part of the reason why we love outdoor rugs so much is the fact they can be used both inside and outside. 

Think about it, Outdoor Rugs are easy to clean, durable and also look good. So why not find a special place inside to home your rug when the Winter months roll around. Here are our top ideas for making use of your rug all year round. 

Kitchen Perfect

Placed beside your sink or under your dining table, your outdoor rug will fit right at home in your kitchen. Any splashes or spillages can easily be cleaned or wiped without any hassle. 


Kid Proof

Hmm, is that even a thing? An Outdoor Rug is perfect for nurseries, kids bedrooms and playrooms. The easy to clean, wipeable nature of the rug allows your kids to be kids without worrying about stains. Our fool proof guide to cleaning your Outdoor Rug couldn't be easier to follow, check it out here.


Bedroom of Dreams

We mean, these photos speak for themselves. Whether you are looking a pop of colour or wanting keep it low key, we have an Outdoor Rug for every look. Our Outdoor Rugs are softer than you might think meaning you can get that warm, cosy sensation when your roll out of bed in the morning. The perfect bedroom companion. 


The Perfect Dinner Date

Dine in style with your Outdoor Rug placed under your dining table. Perfect for catching any spillages and of course can be cleaned easily! Thankfully, with a damp cloth many spills and stains can be washed away effortlessly. Have a read on how Outdoor Rugs can get wet here.


Match Made in the Hallway

The hallway is often the busiest area of your home with lots of traffic meaning you need a rug which will stand the test of time. Luckily for you, we have Outdoor Runner Rugs meaning the narrower spaces can become home to your Outdoor Rug.


Next time somebody asks can you use an Outdoor Rug indoors, tell them to try and stop you! Shop the full collection of Outdoor Rugs from Kukoon Rugs here.

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