At Home With Our New Sustainable Rug Collection Renuu

Here at Kukoon, we strive to create rugs that have a story to tell and our latest collection is no different. Our Renuu range is made up of 12 unique designs that will bring character and charm into your home. Each rug has been woven using technologically-advanced methods and features individual accents that have not been seen altogether before.

What makes Renuu rugs standout?

Our Renuu rugs were made to be more than just eye-catching. They’re thoughtful in both design and practicality. We understand the daily difficulties of running a home. From muddy paws to children spilling drinks, it can be a struggle to keep everything clean. That’s why we wanted this collection to be practical and purposeful.



Innovative design

By using nanotechnology, these innovative rugs are not only machine washable but also liquid repellent. This ground-breaking method works by applying the liquid chemical to the woven fabric and drying it in 200° heat before the printing occurs. This means that should any accidental spillages happen, the liquid will sit on the top of the fabric and not be absorbed, making for easy cleanup.



Sustainability is at the heart

In the rug world, there are only a handful of rugs that are made from (a small percentage of) recycled materials and we wanted to do better. So, we set ourselves a challenge to make this range from 80% recycled materials and we achieved it.



This was our first big step toward making the Renuu rugs sustainable. However, now we’re excited to push the boundaries further and make the full Renuu range from 100% recycled materials in the future.


We also wanted to continue our sustainability promise from start to finish, so we send these sustainable rugs in our own recyclable packaging too.



What inspired our Renuu collection?

Our designer wanted to create a collection of sustainable rugs like no other. Each piece has its own narrative that will bring character and flair into a home.

The collection features 12 detailed designs that have each been inspired by our stories and traditions. We were heavily influenced by the traditional details of Kashan, Persian, Kazak and Bokara rugs, but we also wanted to incorporate contemporary touches.



From the floral motifs to the chandelier medallions, each element was created in complete freedom. Every detail was drawn on the pages of a sketchbook before they were digitally made for print. Similarly, the colourways were something the designer enjoyed playing with. For instance, the triadic colour combination seen in Lottie Green was influenced by the Cottage Core aesthetic and those natural tones are what inspired the design.




Our Renuu collection is incredibly versatile, and our affordable eco-friendly rugs will bring instant depth to any room within your home. Discover the full range today.

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