From Warehouse to Ecommerce Executive - How Kevin made the move

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Interview originally published for NIJobs - My Kind of Job. NI Jobs interviewed Kevin McCullough as part of their "My Kind of Job" series.


I am lucky to have a two-fold role in Kukoon – Sales and Ecommerce Executive and I also look after Kanban co-ordination


I worked in a retail management role for a number of years and really wanted a change and a fresh challenge. I had heard about Kukoon and their culture and wanted to work with them. When a role came up for Warehouse Operative, I jumped at the opportunity. Even though for many it could have been seen as a step backwards as I was in a Management position previously, I really wanted to get involved with a company with genuine opportunities and great culture. I hadn’t worked in an operations role to that scale so was interested to learn and understand it better. I was with the team for a number of months when I was appointed “Kanban” lead and now in recent months have been promoted to Ecommerce Executive. I still help out in the warehouse when it’s busy – it is one of the things I love about the company – there is true camaraderie. It also places me in a unique position seeing the business from multiple angles – sales and operations. 


I went straight to work after school. I very much learnt on the job – doing many industry workshops and training programs. I then went back to SRC in Newry to study part-time on the Adult Access course with a view to higher education. This dip back into learning gave me an appetite to pursue a new career path. I passed the access course and in September I moved onto gaining my ILM Level 5 in Leadership and Management, which I’m due to complete in the next few weeks. Kukoon supported me through this which has been fantastic.


Strong work ethic and being passionate to learn would be the main skills to thrive as a member of Kukoon as all training is provided. It definitely helps to be inquisitive and be willing to think outside the box in terms of problem solving. Since moving departments my experience in retail has helped my transition into the sales role, however the current team have helped greatly with their experience and knowledge to support

DO YOU HAVE A TYPICAL WORKING DAY AT KUKOON? Working in such a fast-paced business no day is “typical” as we cover multiple online sales channels, but that’s what I love about it. On any given day I could be – Analysing data Spotting trends and making decisions on how we react Creating reports Identifying sales opportunities and maximising all our current channels Maintaining our product listings and making changes to increase sales

WHAT’S THE BEST THING ABOUT YOUR JOB WITH KUKOON? From a job point of view – working in eCommerce means you will never be bored. It is such a fast-paced industry and things are always changing. From a company point of view, the best thing about Kukoon is genuine opportunities and seeing improvements every day. We are a “lean” company and focused on continuous improvement. Seeing those improvements is a real buzz for everyone. Working with a company with a vision is half the battle. There is a fantastic working culture across all departments and real respect. Everyone’s role is as important as the next person. Everyone is really supportive and the Directors lead by example, to the point our Managing Director will be on the front line packing rugs when it’s busy!

AND THE WORST? It is very intense – which I love but it wouldn’t be for everyone. With online sales the rate things are changing we constantly have to keep evolving. Seeing numbers grow is addictive and there is no switch off button! I can be glued to my screen at night checking on what our sales channels are doing. Also, if something goes wrong we have to respond quickly – no matter what time it is.

WHAT ARE THE GREATEST CHALLENGES OF YOUR JOB? I had no experience in the rug industry prior to this role and no experience in e-commerce. I have worked very hard to learn the sector and industry. Luckily, there is a great team here with a very open mindset that genuinely invests in helping everyone succeed.

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE SOMEONE CONSIDERING A CAREER IN YOUR PROFESSION? Find the right company – If you find a company that seems like a fit for you, get in and do everything you can to prove yourself.. If the company is right everything else will follow. When you’re talking to any company- Ask what their next 10 years will look like. A great company will inspire you with their answer. It’s why I chose to work with Kukoon!

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